Mackenzie Mathis, PhD
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Principal Investigator & Rowland Fellow at Harvard University (lab established in Sept 2017).

The group moves to Campus Biotech at EPFL in the summer of 2020.

The lab studies adaptive motor behavior in mice, performs large-scale recordings of neural populations, builds new robotic tools for neural circuit interrogation & behavioral studies, as well as machine learning tools for behavioral analysis.

Previously, I was a briefly a Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. Matthias Bethge (University of Tübingen (April - August 2017), and I completed my PhD studies at Harvard University under the direction of Prof. Naoshige Uchida (March 2013-March 2017). My thesis work was focused on uncovering the neural circuits and mechanisms underlying sensorimotor learning.

In the News: RJF position, Peralta Prize, NSF Fellowship, The Atlantic, Bloomberg Businessweek

Upcoming Talks: fall 2019-2020

University of Cambridge, #Marr2019 Meeting, Sept 2019.

ELLIS Society, Natural Intelligence Meeting #1, Sept 2019.

Harvard Medical School, Dept Seminar, October 2019.

SfN, October 2019.

MIT, NeuroTech 2019, Nov 2019.

Janelia Research Campus, Women in Computational Biology. Nov 2019.

Trondheim symposium, Dec 2019.

Wayne State University (student-invited speaker) Dec 2019.

University of Colorado School of Medicine, Neurotechnology Seminar, Dec 2019.

20th Brain/Mind mechanism Workshop, Japan. Jan 2019.

MPI Florida, Invited Lecture Feb 2020.

New York University, Dept Seminar, Feb 2020.

Columbia University, Dept Seminar, Feb 2020.

EPFL-Stanford Symposium, March 2020.

CSHL Neural Circuits Meeting, Keynote Speaker, March 2020.

University of Texas, Austin, Dept Seminar, April 2020.

UPenn, May 2020.

Optogenetics GRC, July 2020.

Past Talks: 2017 - 2019 (spring)*

Computational Vision Summer School 2019. June-July 2019.

International Brain Lab Meeting, Paris, France. May 2019.

Oxford Cortex Club, Oxford University, May 2019.

SWC/University College London, May 2019.

Neural Control of Movement Satellite Meeting, Japan. April 2019.

Neural Control of Movement Main Meeting, Toyama, Japan. April 2019.

Tokyo Hand Meeting, Japan. April 2019.

EPFL - Neural circuits for goal directed adaptive motor control. Center for Neuroprosthetics. March 2019.

UCSF/Gladstone Institute Dept. Seminar, Host: Anatol Kreitzer. March 2019.

COSYNE 2019 workshop: "Using DeepLabCut for social animals", Lisbon, Portugal. March 2019

Max Planck Biological Cybernetics, Future Directions Symposium. Tuebingen, Germany. Feb. 2019

FMI Basel Seminars in Neuroscience. Host: Silvia Arber. March 2019

Dept. Seminar & DeepLabCut Workshop at LMU, Munich, DE. Dec 2018.

Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Berlin, DE. Host: Michael Brecht. Dec 2018.

Institute of Neuroinformatics, ETH/University of Zurich, Swiss Computational Neuroscience Seminar. Host: Fritjof Helmchen. Dec 2018.

Dept. of Biology, Boston University. Host: Tim Otchy. Nov 2018.

EPFL Brain Mind Symposium: Controlling Behavior in Animals & Robots.} Dec 2018.

Bridging Theory and Data in Neuroscience, Harvard University. October 2018.

Banbury Center at CSHL: Quantitative Approaches to Naturalistic Behaviors. Sept. 2018.

Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory, ETH. Zurich, CH. September 2018.

Hand, Brain and Technology 2018. Keynote Speaker. Ascona, Switzerland. August 2018.

FENS 2018, Transforming errors into skills: From spike trains to behaviour and back again. July 2018.

Dept. of Physiology, Northwestern University. Host: Lee Miller. June 2018.

Department of Physiology Development and Neuroscience & Computational and Biological Learning Lab}. University of Cambridge. Cambridge, UK. October 2017.

New Directions in Motor Control. Emory University, Atlanta, GA. Keynote Speaker. May 2017.

*since lab opened in 2017