Mackenzie Mathis, PhD
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Principal Investigator & Rowland Fellow at Harvard University (lab established in Sept 2017).

She will be moving her group to Campus BioTech at EPFL in the summer of 2020.

The lab studies adaptive motor behavior in mice, performs large-scale recordings of neural populations, builds new robotic tools for neural circuit interrogation & behavioral studies, as well as machine learning tools for behavioral analysis.

Previously, she was a briefly a Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. Matthias Bethge (University of Tübingen (April - August 2017), and completed her PhD studies at Harvard University under the direction of Prof. Naoshige Uchida (March 2013-March 2017). Her thesis work was focused on uncovering the neural circuits and mechanisms underlying sensorimotor learning.

In the News: RJF position, Peralta Prize, NSF Fellowship, The Atlantic, Bloomberg Businessweek