Upcoming Workshops

In 2020, we hope to host 4 workshops:

2 in the US (MA; at Harvard) and 2 in Europe (Switzerland). These will serve two purposes, (1) 1 in each location will aim to help new users to use DeepLabCut on their own datasets; (2) a second set of workshops will aim to serve as hackathons for developers who want to add new features and modules in/around the DeepLabCut pipeline.

Past Events


In 2019 we hosted a workshop for new users of DeepLabCut at Harvard*, and other locations (please reach out if you are interested in having one):

  • CSHL July 2019

  • MBL June 2019: Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA

  • June 29-July 6, 2019: CVSS 2019: Black Forest, Germany (http://orga.cvss.cc/)

  • Jan 28-29 2019: Rowland Institute, Cambridge, MA*

  • Jan 7th, 2019: Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA (locally organized by Dr. Yisrael Schnytzer)

  • Dec 13-14th, 2018: Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw (locally organized by Mateusz Kostecki)

  • Dec 10-11th, 21018: Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich (locally organized by Kate Stynik)